Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigation

We offer both Pre Matrimonial and Post Matrimonial Investigation Services. We offer a through professional service that helps in getting the detail information about that person in the form of Pre matrimonial investigation

Corporate Intelligence Services

Corporate Intelligence services in India assist clients in identifying information and intelligence that enables them to make informed decisions before entering new or unknown markets.

Litigation Support / Evidences / Fraud cases

We as a private detective agency provide the following important, crucial services related to evidence collection, litigation support services which are highly trusted.We also research on fraud cases.

Spouse Fidelity/Cheating Spouses

We provide infidelity, adultery and cheating investigations from their spouses in india. Suspect a spouse or lover is having an affair or hiding assets? ... We has handled more than 100 cases of infidelity and marital

Insurance Investigation

There are several methods used to find information in an insurance fraud investigation. Most are used to determine whether claims are true or false. Here are a few commonly used techniques: Surveillance to verify the claim.

Cyber Investigation

We are the global expertise and resources necessary to investigate a range of cyber crime activity, employing a full range of investigative strategies to identify. Cyber Investigation Services provides cutting edge, internet private investigators & monitoring specialists.

Labour Court Cases

Service and Labour Lawyer for services of CCA, CCS matters, suspension,Labour disputes, Industrial Disputes, Labour Court cases, Industrial Tribunal cases etc. Labour Court Judgements Labour Guide provides comprehensive information on the conditions of employment

Missing Person Tracing

If the missing person is a child, or you think that they are at serious risk of harm, call ... or if you're not sure whether someone is missing or at risk, we can help. If you're attempting to find a missing person, here are a few crucial ... To get help with your investigation, you'll want to alert the authorities.

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